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            1) Licensing model

            Our licensing model is pretty simple: 1 license per 1 machine.

            The exclusion is CloudBerry Backup for VMware and Hyper-V, where there are also so-called "Socket Licenses". By default, this license allows you to backup Hyper-V or VMware host with up to 2 sockets. If your host has more than 2 sockets, then you will have to buy an additional socket license(s), so if your host has, for example, 4 sockets, you will require the VM license itself and two socket licenses.

            2) What CloudBerry Central is and why it's needed

            CloudBerry Central is a centralized web portal designed for those who have more than one standalone license. It shows which machine the license is associated with and allows managing maintenance and performing an offline activation within it.

            If you already have some licenses, as soon as you register the account with the email used during the purchase, all the licenses associated with it will be automatically associated with your newly created CloudBerry Central account. 
            Any licenses registered with another email can also be associated with your account using "Attach Licenses" button.

            Central portal has internal Help section that describes what can be done within it and how to do it - search for the question mark in the right upper corner.

            3) Maintenance Explanation

            Maintenance stands for the upgrades and support. It usually costs 20% of the license price. After the maintenance is purchased, it's not automatically assigned to one particular license. Here is a CloudBerry Central Help article that describes how to assign it:

            4) Offline Activation

            Sometimes it is not possible to perform an activation on the machine due to the lack of internet connection (by default, our software uses the Internet for activation), and it is not possible to establish the internet connection for this particular machine. In that case, you can perform an offline activation. First, you generate a code within the software, and after that, you can either send it to us or use CloudBerry Central to transform the code to the key that can be used on the machine without the Internet connection.
            Here is the related Help article from CloudBerry Central:
            Updated: 27 Dec 2017 05:38 AM
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