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            Backup for Windows - VSS

            CloudBerry Backup supports backup of files being in use by the default. For this purpose, CloudBerry Backup uses Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)
            Volume Shadow Copy Service is an implemented Windows service. It allows taking snapshots of data being in use or located on a locked volume

            Due to VSS technology limitations mentioned above CloudBerry Backup can’t backup files being in use kept:
            • In network shares;
            • On mapped network drives;
            • On any drives with FAT32 file system.
            CloudBerry Backup has the "Force using VSS" option. When this option is turned on CloudBerry Backup is forced to create a snapshot of all the files on a volume as they are on the moment of the backup. This is used to force backing up of files that may be locked for the time of backup.

            There are some files not available for VSS. In general such files are *.ost.
            List of folders that can be unavailable for VSS:
            • \softwaredistribution;
            • \backup;
            • \temp.
            You can check the list of exclusions in the registry key (Start > Run: regedit):


            Updated: 27 Oct 2017 04:38 AM
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