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            Backup for Windows - File Backup - Backup cannot access files located on a network share when they are in use

            CloudBerry Backup can access the files in use with one of Microsoft services - VSS (check the corresponding article)
            It works for local drives and lately there are no known issues with it.
            Its main flaw is that VSS cannot be used for accessing files on a network share when they are in use.

            The error in the logs looks like this:

            2017-03-15 05:42:00,209 [CL] [8] ERROR - IOException code: 0x80070020
            2017-03-15 05:42:00,240 [PL] [8] ERROR - Error occurred during backup Upload operation. Cloud path: {full path to the cloud object goes here}. IsSimple: False. Modified date: {modification date goes here}. Size: {size goes here}
            The process cannot access the file '\\{share name or IP}\{Shared folder}\{file full name}' because it is being used by another process.

            Due to the fact that the files are stored in the network location there is no way to provide multiple access to them (as VSS would do). 
            The best solution would be to run Backup software on the file share machine itself so it could use VSS to provide multiple access to files.
            If this is not the case, we recommend to schedule backup for non-working (or at least lower load) hours - so to decrease the chance the files are locked at the moment of backup
            Updated: 08 Dec 2017 02:29 AM
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